Minnesota Student Chapters

Student Chapters of APWA-MN operate as non-profit organizations at participating universities. Membership will assist you in finding networking opportunities and could be key to acquiring a challenging, long-term employment opportunity prior to graduation.

Membership benefits:

  • Resume and interview assistance
  • Networking and mentoring
  • Scholarships
  • Further education in public-works related topics

Student Chapter objectives:

  • Stimulate continued interest in and understanding of the dimensions of civil engineering and public works.
  • Guide students through the steps required to become a successful professional civil engineer within the field of public works while promoting the better good for society. 
  • Promote a spirit of unity by providing an opportunity for students to become acquainted with each other and practice working together effectively.
  • Serve as a gateway to connect civil engineering students with working professionals as a way to increase job placement following graduation.

APWA-MN University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Become a member of the APWA-MN University of Minnesota Student Chapter. When you sign up as an individual member, the $25 membership dues will be extended through your graduation date. Once you become a member, please send an email to apwa@umn.edu to be added to the Student Chapter mailing list.

Index of Student Chapter News Articles:

University of Minnesota (UMN) Student Chapter Officers:

Nahum Yelizarov, President (yeliz001@umn.edu)
Britta Carlson, Vice President (carl5479@umn.edu)
Lily Weigel, Secretary (weige070@umn.edu)
Fernando Perez, Treasurer (perez790@umn.edu)
Juan Lopez, Communications Chair (lopez958@umn.edu)
Dan King, Communications Co-chair (king1308@umn.edu)
APWA-MN Chapter Liaisons: Young Professionals Committee

University of St. Thomas (UST) Student Chapter Officers:

Nick Pawlak, President (nick.pawlak@stthomas.edu)
Sophie Heuer, Chair of Professional Outreach (sophia.heuer@stthomas.edu)
Triston Johnson, Chair of Professional Outreach (triston.johnson@stthomas.edu)
Kate Achenbach, Chair of Recruitment (keachenbach@stthomas.edu)
Genevieve Tester, Chair of Communications (genevieve.tester@stthomas.edu)
Scott Frost, Chair of Finance (scott.frost@stthomas.edu)
Erik Moberg, Chair of Development (erik.moberg@stthomas.edu)
APWA-MN Chapter Liaisons: Young Professionals Committee

To learn more, download the Student Chapter Constitution (pdf). 

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