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Get to Know the Members of the APWA-MN Board

April 17, 2013

Get to Know the Members of the APWA-MN Board

Members elected the 2013-2014 APWA-MN Executive Board during the 2013 Fall Conference.

Learn a little more about the members, their involvement in the chapter, and other professional and personal details.




Jeannine Clancy, Past President

Employed by: City of Golden Valley, 15 years
Past employment: City of New Hope, Minn.; City of Scottsdale, Arizona
Years active in APWA-MN: 19
Activities in APWA-MN (past and current): Conference Planning Committee; 2005 Congress Host Committee; Director (2006-2007); Secretary/Treasurer; Vice-President; President.
Other professional accomplishments/awards/recognitions: Agency has received APWA-MN Chapter project award and national award for project communication and education.
Family: Husband, Mark; daughter, Shannon.
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activites: Walking, biking, reading, visiting with friends, and staying in touch with a family who lives in different parts of the country.

Robert (Bob) Cockriel, Secretary/Treasurer

Employed by: City of Bloomington, 19 years
Past employment: Cities of White Bear Lake, Woodbury, and Roseville, Minn.
Years active in APWA-MN: 23
Activities in APWA-MN (past and current): Water Resources PET Director; Chair, Conference Planning Committee; Director-Superintendent; Volunteer, Congress (1997, 2005-2007).
Other professional accomplishments/awards/recognitions: Received MS in engineering from University of Minnesota in 2002; awarded APWA Superintendent of the Year (2008).
Family: Married to wife, Bonnie, for 32 years; three grown children; one grandson.
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activites: Bicycling, racquetball, occassional bad round of golf, yard work, and watching our kids play ball.

April Crockett, Director

Employed by: Minnesota Department of Transportation, almost 5 years
Past employment: Kimley-Horn and Associates (3 years); McCombs Frank Roos Assoc. (4.5 years)
Years active in APWA-MN: 12
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Liaison to Public Awareness Committee; Conference Planning Committee.
Family: Married with two energetic children, Olivia (7) and Noah (5).
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: I enjoy running, golfing, snowboarding, boating, traveling, and watching my kids' sporting events (soccer, hockey, swimming, basketball, tennis...). Did I mention that I love to shop, too?

Melissa Girtz, Director/Vendor

Employed by: RtVision, 7 years
Past employment: USBank
Years active in APWA-MN: 3
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Feed My Starving Children; Board Communications Committee liaison
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: Golf and tennis.

Lee Gustafson, President

Employed by: City of Minnetonka, 18 years.
Past employment: Cities of Hopkins and Robbinsdale, Minn.
Years active in APWA-MN: 30
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Past Director on Executive Committee: Engineer/Manager; Previously involved with Education & Training Committee; currently member of Conference Planning Committee and LTAP Committee.
Other professional accomplishments/awards/recognitions: Past president of City Engineers Association of Minnesota (CEAM);  CEAM Engineer of the Year Award (2007).
Family: Wife, Julie; daughters, Andrea and Lauren.
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: I'm contantly doing house and cabin projects, but when I do get free time I love to golf, fish, and go pheasant hunting. I regularly donate blood and have donated close to 7 gallons so far.

Mark Hansen, Consultant/Director

Employed by: City of Lakeville, Minn., 1 month
Past employment: SRF Consulting Group, 13 years
Years active in APWA-MN: 7
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Awards Committee; Communications Committee
Family: Wife, Andrea; daughter, Emily
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: Home improvement; playing guitar and banjo; cooking.
Anything surprising to share? Amateur beer taster.

Wayne D. Houle, City Engineer/DPW

Employed by: City of Edina
Past employment: OSM, Inspec, Jensen & Fore Architects
Years active in APWA-MN: 21
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Director
Family: Wife , Wendy; Son, Travis; Daughter, Caitlin; Dog, TECA (Terribly Expensive Canine Animal)
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: Golf, running, biking, sailing, nordic skiing.

Angela Popenhagen, Delegate

Employed by: Stevens Engineers, Inc., 6 years
Past employment: Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik & Associates
Years active in APWA-MN: 18
Activities involved in APWA-MN (past and present): Chair of Awards Committee; Director-Consultant; Secretary/Treasurer; Vice PResident; President (2004); Past President; Awards Committee; participate in spring and summer golf outings, technical tours, Spring Conference and Fall Conference; History Committee; Nominating Committee.
Family: Husband, Dave Moeri; children, Courtney (13) and Brandon (10)
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: Scrapbooking, photography, and travel when we're not watching the kids' basketball, track, baseball, and softball games (which take up most of our time). Also try to spend time a the cabin in northern Wisconsin.
Anything surprising to share? Performed in the Aloha Bowl and have been skydiving.

Dale Reed, Director/Superintendent

Employed by: White Bear Township, 3 years
Past employment: City of New Hope, Minn. (14 years); City of Brooklyn Park, Minn. (5 years)
Years active in APWA-MN: 16
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Education & Training Committee; AWWA liaison for Education & Training Committee; Spring Maintenance Training and Demo Day Committee; served on Fall Expo Committe and past Congress committees.
Other professional accomplishments/awards/recognitions: Masters degree in public administration.
Family: Married to Renee; three children, Nichole, Dallas, and Kelsey.
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: Hunting, fishing, canoeing, camping, running, and volunteering for different organizations through church.
Anything surprising to share? I raced sled dogs during high school.

Jon A. Rippke, Director

Employed by: Bolton & Menk, Inc., 40 years
Past emplyment: City Sioux City, Iowa
Years active in APWA-MN: 25
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Diversity Committee liaison to APWA Diversity Committee; chair, Diversity Committee (2011-present); Education Committee liaison to MSU/Mankato (200-2006).
Other professional accomplishments/awards/recognitions: Enginner of the Year (2002) by Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers; Charles Britzius Distinguished Engineer of the Year (2003) by Federation of Engineering Societies of Minnesota; Diversity Champion Award (2013) by MSU-M Department for Institutional Diversity for helping to establish the Latino Engineering Academic Day at MSU-Mankato.
Family: Wife, Cheryl (nurse); daughters: Laura (nurse) and Sarah (engineer).
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: Hunting, motorcycle riding, trap shooting, gardening, basketball, and golf.
Anything surprising to share? I enjoy riding my Harley with friends at the Sturgis rally in South Dakota.

John Rodeberg, Vice President

Employed by: SEH, 6 years
Past employment: City enginner with City of Hutchinson, 17 years
Years active in APWA-MN: 23
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Past chair of Communications Committee; Conference Planning Committee (current co-chair); past Outstate Director; Outstate Development Committee.
Family: Wife, Nancy; children: Nathan (23), Justin (21), and Shannon (18).
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activies: Professional musician; help run RiverSong Music Festival in Hutching (July 19-20, 2013).
Anything surprising to share? Once won an international dance competition (Daddy-Daughter Dance, event included dancers from Canada).

Matt Saam, Engineer/Manager

Employed by: City of West St. Paul, 8 years
Past employment: City of Chanhassen
Years active in APWA-MN: 13
Activities in APWA-MN (past and present): Executive Committee; Conference Planning Committee.
Family: Wife, Amy; two daughters, 11 and 9 years old.
Hobbies/Extra-curricular activities: I enjoy fishing, playing sports (basketball, tennis), activities with my family, and traveling.
Anything surprising to share? I am a mean dancer!

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