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Creativity Festival “What Trickles Down?”

August 16, 2018

Creativity Festival “What Trickles Down?”

Pictured are students engaging in the session “What Trickles Down?” led by APWA-MN members (Jesse Struve - City of Brooklyn Park, Wayne Houle - Short Elliott Hendrickson, and Jenny Olejar - Bolton & Menk) at the Creativity Festival on January 11. The Creativity Festival is put on by Success Beyond the Classroom with the goal of students learning that the ability to think creatively and problem solve is essential in all areas of life.

The session introduced students to the water cycle and permeability, the degree to which water or liquids are able to flow through a material. The students were able to test and compare the permeability of different soils and learn how water use affects their daily lives. The kids were engaged and full of questions. 

Some feedback quotes included, “I loved the fun experiments we were able to do,” “This was an amazing experience for me,” “I got inspired to be an engineer,” and “I learned to use my smarts and skills in different ways to solve problems.”

Overall it was a very successful event! 

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(Article contributed by Wayne Houle, SEH, Inc.


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