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Asphalt Rejuvenation that Removes Pollution

August 31, 2023

Asphalt Rejuvenation that Removes Pollution

By Colleen West, Regional Sales Director, Corrective Asphalt Materials

Corrective Asphalt Materials (CAM) partnered with the City of Edina for a long-term study looking at ARA-1 Ti Asphalt Rejuvenator. ARA-1 Ti is America’s first TiO2-enhanced photocatalytic rejuvenator/sealer for asphalt roadways. Short and simple, it is Reclamite with a titanium dioxide additive. 

Reclamite is a maltene-based asphalt rejuvenator that has been preserving and rejuvenating road surfaces across the USA for more than half a century. Hundreds of studies throughout the years have shown that roads treated with Reclamite have aged significantly less than adjacent sections left untreated as a control. Titanium dioxide additive is a newer technology scientifically proven to remove pollutants harmful to humans. Now the two have been put together!

With help from the sun, titanium dioxide treated roads now can literally eat smog. When TiO2 is energized by light, millions of electrons create an energy field a top the road. When cars travel along the TiO2 treated road, pollutants are captured and oxidized instantly removing the airborne threat. Pollution capture is important technology and titanium dioxide is a proven way to remove toxic vehicle emissions. A single mile of titanium dioxide treated roads can stop as much pollution as 20 acres of trees! 

Along with reducing air pollution ARA-1 Ti has also been proven to remove microplastics and limit heat island effects that raise temperatures.

Corrective Asphalt Materials is working with several entities on long term testing in Edina. Texas A & M will be testing yearly for NOx and Solar Reflectivity PPM testing, APART will be doing yearly testing of Viscosity and Maltene/Asphaltene Ratio’s, and MN Roads is looking into the study and waiting on additional funding to perform onsite pollution studies. 

Chris Evers (A 2023 top 10 public works leader) presented on Microplastics and RAMP (Road Associated Microplastic Pollution) at PWX in San Diego via his presentation “Taking the off RAMP with Microplastics." Additionally, McKenzie Kelly with Charleston County, SC received a technical innovation award for their Titanium Dioxide Asphalt Program. 

CAM continues its pursuit in pavement preservation with municipalities and is now excited to help lead the way in pollution reduction at the same time.

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