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WTS Minnesota Racial Justice Training Series

March 29, 2021

WTS Minnesota Racial Justice Training Series

Racial Justice Training Course - Twice Monthly, Thursdays 11:30-1 PM 

Module 1 - Understanding Intersectionality as Women
Training Session: April 8th 
Workshop Session: April 22nd

Module 2 - Diversity Recruiting and Retention
Training Session: May 6th
Workshop Session: May 20th

Module 3 - Bystander Intervention
Training Session: June 3rd
Workshop Session: June 17th

Registration for this course includes all six sessions

Are you interested in supporting racial equity and being a better advocate for racial justice in the workplace and across Minnesota? Are you interested in exploring how your identity impacts this work? Have you ever wondered what to say when you see discrimination or microaggressions in your world? Learn about these topics and much more with the WTS Minnesota Racial Justice Training Series. Interested participants can also pursue antiracism work in a supportive group setting following the training series.

WTS Minnesota is offering a workshop series that will provide participants with the tools and a professional network to support Diversity and Inclusion in transportation. We are contracting with a professional DEI training firm, PositiveHire, which helps employers retain talent and create more inclusive and diverse organizations with diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings. The series will include six events total, with three class sessions and three mediated group discussions. The classes and small group discussions will alternate every other week over the course of three months. The cost of registration is greatly subsidized by WTS Minnesota and the fee for the course is $50 (actual training cost of $200 per participant-actual value, limitless!). This course is designed for people in the transportation field and open to all (you do not need to be a WTS member). If you or your employer is unable to pay the course fee, please email Liz Morice ( for a registration code that will waive the fee. No questions will be asked, and you do not need to submit any sort of application. 

This course qualifies for 9 AICP credits.

The series is designed to create a support network and community where participants can learn and challenge themselves and each other. To this end, PositiveHire will mediate three 1.5-hour small group workshop discussions for WTS Minnesota members to discuss their breakthroughs and challenges in making changes in their views and behaviors as they relate to diversity, intersectionality, and intervening as a bystander when witnessing harassment.

Three modules which each include a training session (1.5 hours) and a small group workshop discussion session (1-1.5 hours):

Module 1: 
Understanding Intersectionality As Women
Thursday, April 8 & 22, 2021, from 11:30-1 PM
Intersectionality is understanding how aspects of a person's social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. To better understand how underrepresented women and white women experience the workplace, we'll discuss different aspects of intersectionality.

Module 2: 
Diversity Recruiting & Retention
Thursday, May 6 & May 20, 2021, from 11:30-1 PM
According to underrepresented women in STEM professionals, employers are missing the mark in attracting and retaining them. I'll share PositiveHire's survey findings and actions employers can take to retain underrepresented talent in science, tech, and engineering.

Module 3: 
Bystander Intervention
Thursday, June 3 & June 17, 2021, from 11:30-1 PM
Are you wondering how to stop harassment? If you've been struggling with not knowing how to interrupt everyday sexism, racism, and other microaggressions, then you're in luck! Attend this workshop and we will help you develop a greater understanding of workplace harassment.

Click here to view this event online!

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