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Sponsorship Opportunity – Engineers Without Borders – Chuchurras, Peru

December 15, 2020

Sponsorship Opportunity – Engineers Without Borders – Chuchurras, Peru

What’s the price of clean water?

This is the dilemma that the people of Chuchurras, Peru must consider when either drinking contaminated water or spending their precious few dollars on bottled water.

As public works professionals, you understand the pressing need for access to clean, reliable water. We are reaching out on behalf of the Minnesota Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-MN) and the community of Chuchurras. Chuchurras is a 500-person community located in the central highlands of Peru. In April 2019, EWB-MN partnered with this Peruvian community to develop and implement a sustainable potable water system.

In October 2019, an EWB team traveled to the community to complete a project assessment. Despite localized rainwater collection available for some residents, the months-long dry season creates a severe shortage of water for everyone. After the initial assessment visit and following alternatives analysis, the most effective and sustainable solution was determined to be a large diameter groundwater well with a solar-powered pump, elevated storage tank, gravity distribution system, and communal tap locations.

Currently, the project is in the design phase with plans to start construction in June 2021. Additional project background may be found in the project flyer. The total project cost is estimated to be $90,000 with a competition date of June 2023. Currently, the project is $18,000 short for the planned 2021 project work. Your support can help bring potable water to this developing community!

Donations may be made online through the Chuchurras Project Fundraising page. All donations help our project ($10 buys 30-feet of pipe or 1-cubic foot of concrete), but typical amounts are:

Personal - $25+
Corporate - $500+

Want us to present this project at a meeting? Interested in learning more or becoming a volunteer? Contact Chris Larson at

EWB-MN is a group of professionals and students that develop sustainable infrastructure projects locally and across the globe. Currently, there are projects in Minneapolis, MN; Colfax, WI; Guatemala; and Peru. EWB-MN is a local chapter of the greater EWB-USA national organization.

If you have any questions, please contact Mitchell Hoeft, Rena Weis, or Chris Larson.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

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