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WUTT (Water Utility Treatment and Technology) Update

December 22, 2020

WUTT (Water Utility Treatment and Technology) Update
1. After 18 months of dedicated hard work, by a team of industry professionals, the first WUTT course will be launched on Monday, January 11, 2021!
The program’s success is due to the partnership with St Paul Technical College (SPTC) and through the support of industry associations. 
2. The website is launched and ready to use! You can find the SPTC WUTT website here:
3. The WUTT program includes two focused educational pathways.
a) Pathway 1: 
  • Is for the student who has little or no experience or knowledge in the water and/or wastewater industry. 
  • Students are required to successfully complete all nine of the WUTT courses before they are eligible to take the MN Department of Health and the MN Pollution Control Agency licensure examinations.
b) Pathway 2:
  • Is applicable for the licensed Operators who may want or need additional training in their current position and/or for advancement opportunities. They can register and attend any/all courses, ad-hoc. 
  • Cities, other agencies and private sector organizations should encourage employees to attend the WUTT courses for promotional opportunities.
4. The course material was designed to ensure the students receive a well-rounded water and wastewater education. See flyers for Pathway to Water-Based Careers!
5. The WUTT program directly benefits cities, other state agencies and the private sector hiring managers and supervisors, as they will understand the educational competencies the students received.
6. Educational resources and monetary funds are still needed for the St Paul Technical College laboratory.
a) If you are able to contribute, please contact Steve Grossman, City of Lakeville,
7. Action needed from YOU! Please spread the word about this program. We need eight students to hold a class. Help us fill the chairs!

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