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Build a Better Project Experience with Project Communications

June 17, 2018

Build a Better Project Experience with Project Communications
June 18, 2018
By Nicole Schmidt, Project Communications Specialist, Bolton & Menk, Inc. (APWA-MN sponsor)
The demand to actively engage communities is increasingly essential to the success of a project. In response to this demand, having someone dedicated to managing your public engagement and communication will benefit both staff and community members affected by the work. Project communication services identifies and executes effective communication tools and strategies throughout the life of a project, be it the preliminary design phase or final construction. 
Incorporating two-fold engagement into your project communications includes face-to-face interaction tools such as pop-up meetings and open houses, while also utilizing digital tools such as a web-based public engagement platform, email and text subscriptions, and social media to make the project message accessible and maintain the momentum of a project. This approach creates a comprehensive action plan that is clear, reaches every demographic, and is meaningful to the public. 
Project communications does not need to be a daunting task or something for only big budget projects. The tools used and the complexity of their set up can be scaled to the needs of any project size. Many of these tools are simple to use and set up. A streamlined process at the front-end will not only save you time in reacting to missed communication, but also creates a better project experience for your client and the public. 

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