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Consider Volunteering With APWA-MN

June 17, 2014

Consider Volunteering With APWA-MN

By Dale Reed, Director-Superintendent, APWA-MN

I hope the summer finds my APWA-MN cohorts at rest. ‘Tis the season to feel overwhelmed by your workload of projects, budget preparation, personnel, and resident opportunities.

There are many ways to reduce stress like vacations, exercise, reading a book, etc. I would like to make a suggestion to the general membership to reflect on possibly increasing your involvement with APWA-MN by volunteering to be on a committee or, if given the opportunity, to serve on the APWA-MN Executive Committee.

Especially the GenXers and Millennials, since there are a number Boomers (I don’t feel old, but I guess I am) already serving on many of the committees. I can say, with all honesty, that you get more out of serving than you give.

Many knowledgeable and committed individuals who serve the chapter would love to share their experience with younger members (I used to be one of them). The chapter also encourages outstate members to volunteer; even though you might not necessarily be able to attend every meeting, you can participate via teleconference.

Our chapter will be hosting the 2016 International Public Works Congress & Exposition in Minneapolis and there will be a number of volunteer opportunities prior to and during the Congress. More information on those volunteer opportunities will be shared in the near future.

You can learn more about available volunteer opportunities on the APWA-MN website. Or contact Beth Engum, the chapter’s volunteer coordinator, at or (651) 266-7115 for current volunteer opportunities or to share your contact information for future opportunities.  

For more information about APWA-MN, visit You’ll find a wealth of information about chapter events/activities, membership, committees, latest news, jobs, and how to contact us. 

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